Webinar | Turning Your Giving Day into a Donor Care Day

Looking for short tutorial videos covering the topics of our webinar series? Look no further — here they are!

With many Giving Days being postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, we wanted to present how any organization can funnel that energy into reaching out to donors personally to remind them how much they matter.

This webinar was proudly presented in partnership with Charlotte Fedders and Kevin Wilson, two members on the Donor Relations team at Miami University. Their #MoveInMiami Giving Day happens every fall on student move-in day and they have been embracing Video Stewardship for the past 4 years to great success. So who better to spell out how it’s done and how to transform a Giving Day into a Donor Care Day?

What you’ll learn in this webinar:
How Miami University creates upwards of 2,500 completely personalized thank you video’s for donors in real time
– How to assemble a team of faculty and volunteers to help record your thank you’s
– How to train and outfit your teams for success
– How Miami was able to see 79% open rates in their fourth year of using ThankView to connect with donors
– How to manage multiple users in the ThankView platform by creating team member logins, permission levels, separate campaigns and review processes
– How to record individual videos, batch record for recipients who share the same name, gift amount, designation, etc, and how to get leadership to join in
– How all of this can be done remotely!

If you’d like to see more webinars like this, please leave your requests in the comments below!

Find the slide presentation from this webinar here.

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