Webinar | How Leadership Can Send Video Updates During Crisis

In this recorded webinar, we review how leadership can start to use ThankView to send personalized video outreach and track who is engaging with the message. Key points include:

  • How to get leadership involved, either by making them a user on the platform or by taking advantage of “Video Requests” (if you do not have Video Replies/Request as part of your package, contact your Success Manager or success@thankview.com)
  • How to upload you entire audience and connecting with them via email or text message
  • How to use merge fields to personalize the written aspects of the platform, as well as using that data to create audience segments to record for
  • How to record directly through ThankView, how to upload videos and how to use the Video Library to store content to use over-and-over
  • How to send Video Requests, sending custom instructions, create due dates and how to organize videos you receive
  • How to combine videos within the ThankView platform
  • How to add multiple portals into your account so that multiple departments can use ThankView separately while allowing for Super Admins to manage everything
  • Reviewing the different team member account types to create permissions and workflows

If you would like to learn more about ThankView, visit http://thankview.com or schedule a demo at http://thankview.com/demo

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