Our Mission for Outstanding Branding

What’s an easy way to make your ThankViews more eye-catching? Branding.

Here at ThankView, we take your branding standards very seriously. Making sure that your assets match your organization’s brand is a key aspect of successfully sending ThankViews because it creates a level of recognizability for your recipients.

People will be more inclined to open and interact with their ThankView if they see that it’s coming from an institution they recognize instead of Spammy McSpammerson. Here are three ways to spice up your account with some custom-designed branding:


You have the option to send your ThankView in three different formats: Envelope, Animated, or Thumbnail. You can find more information about our formats here.

ThankViews sent with the Envelope Format deliver your custom branded digital envelope directly to a recipient’s email inbox or text message. Once clicked, the envelope gracefully twirls, opens and slides away to reveal your ThankView video.

The Envelope format is our top performer, often achieving open rates 6% higher than the Animated format and 10% higher than Thumbnail format. Could it be that recipients are more inclined to interact with an email that features recognizable branding? We think so!

But who designs this exquisite envelope exactly? Us, of course! Our design team is here to bring your vision to life all while staying while matching your brand guidelines.

Here are a few great examples of branded envelopes from ThankView users:

Image for post
Lycoming College
Image for post
‘Iolani School

Multiple Branded Landing Pages

You asked and we answered! The option to choose between multiple branded landing pages was one of our most heavily requested features and is now available.

Gone are the days of your landing page being the same for all your campaigns. You can now add multiple landing pages to your portal, customized with your organization’s campaign branding, envelope style or even a holiday theme to put your donors in the gift-giving spirit.

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Holiday-themed Landing Page and Envelope example

Custom Overlays

If a branded envelope and landing page isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for all things on-brand, you can now customize your video with branded overlays.

Overlays are borders and banners that can be added on top of your ThankView video. They are also useful for hiding those pesky black bars that show up on videos. Our design team can create custom overlays for any occasion with the perfect text, logo, colors, unicorn mascot, etc.

Image for post
Image for post
Overlay frame examples

Have any suggestions on what features we should work on next? Let us know in the comments!

Please keep in mind that the availability of these features is dependent on the type of package your organization has. Some of the features mentioned come at an extra cost. You can email your Success Manager or success@thankview.com to learn more about pricing.

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