How to Build a Personalize Birthday Campaign

You want to surprise your donors. You want to reach out in a new, creative way. But how do you get started?

According to Kate Baker at Connor Prairie, “The most important thing is just to dive in and do it.”

Birthday campaigns are a great way to let people know that they matter, that they are seen by the organization, and that you care.

Conner Prairie does an amazing job of personalizing each of their birthday campaigns. Check out this example!

Katie Druckenmiller from The Hill School got students involved and the result is a pretty incredible video!

Do NOT underestimate the power of a marching band. Brittany Finch and her team at the University of Akron’s made this stunning birthday video for their donors and alumni.

We hosted a panel with all three organizations to find out just how they start their birthday campaigns, how they film the videos, and what kinds of responses they’ve received from donors and alumni.

Want to learn more? Watch the full webinar below!

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