Why saying “thank you” to five people will make your life better

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What would the world be like if everyone sent five messages of gratitude to five people in their lives?

We think it would start to change how the we all experience life. And it starts with you.

But why does gratitude matter?

Each act of expressing your gratitude makes you think about what you’re thankful for, which in turn makes you more likely to recognize the good things in life. Your outlook will begin to change. You stop focusing on your negatives and start to reveal the positives. One good feeling helps build upon another good feeling. You become more confident, more likable and less stressed. You begin to attract positive energy and build deeper relationships. All of this can start from simply saying “thank you” to five people.

But saying thank you isn’t always easy, convenient or genuine. We are all human. We all feel shy and embarrassed. That is why we created ThankView. So we could make saying thanks easy and comfortable while keeping the message 100% genuine, 100% personal and 100% you.

That’s why we’re starting “The Five Degrees of Gratitude”.

You can see this as a challenge. You can see this as self help, therapy or programming your subconscious. Ultimately, The FiveDegrees of Gratitude is all of these things and the chance to inspire, delight and enhance your closest relationships. Say what you need to say to your five connections and encourage them to say thank you to five people in their lives. Be the first in a chain of positive change.

Here’s how you can take the first steps:

  • Think of 5 people that have had an impact on your life, big or small
  • Personalize your free ThankViews
  • Record a message of gratitude to each person (all you’ll need is their email)
  • Encourage them to send it to five people they are grateful for
  • Press send
  • Feel amazing

So who will you send you five to?

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Thank You for reading and we hope you’ll take on our challenge!

Best wishes,

The Team

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